Discretionary Management

RGL Capital provides discretionary investment management services to individuals and institutional investors.

We focus on absolute return strategies that are uncorrelated to global or country specific equity and bond markets and thus are less subject to general market fluctuations. Our global exposure enables our clients to take positions in multiple markets around the world across a wide variety of investment instruments which are driven by macro economic factors.

We specialize in value investing, using fundamental analysis to uncover investment opportunities.

First, we focus on opportunities driven by what is known as "behavioural finance" or, in other words, by irrational investor’s behaviour (such as herd mentality, disaster myopia, confirmation bias, etc.).

Second, we aim to exploit profitable opportunities created by interference in markets by non-profit maximizing players (such as Central Banks) or by regulatory factors (e.g. geographical limitations on mutual fund investments).

While constructing a portfolio we are looking for the combination of idiosyncratic trades that benefit from the above mentioned factors and that match our global macro views. Once the portfolio is constructed, we utilize a stop - loss discipline to preserve capital and avoid unsustainable losses.

Clients can benefit from our investment expertise via a collective investment scheme or managed accounts solutions.


Investor Visa

RGL Capital RGL provides asset management service to customers who participate in the Investor Visa  (Tier 1) program in the United Kingdom.



RGL Capital provides a broad range of advisory and consulting services, including but not limited to:

  • Consulting for professional investors.
  • Idependent valuation and analysis of investment products, offered by the current service providers (for instance, private bank).
  • Help in portfolio construction and instrument selection based on the client’s views, and our return and risk expectations.
  • Portfolio monitoring, providing the information on selected financial instruments, ongoing valuation and trade recommendations.
  • Recommendations in the area of risk management.
  • Client’s portfolio valuation and analysis according to the client’s objectives, risk and return expectations.
  • Costs Benefit Analysis of different investment platforms (brokerage account, private bank, mutual fund, spread betting etc.).
  • Help in setting up investment funds.
  • Support in setting up business which is required to be licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).
  • Business valuation of the company, including business valuation for the purpose of Investor Visa application.

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